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Data Analyst Job Description

 Data Analyst

Digible, Inc. is an emerging startup in the digital marketing and technology field. We bring the industry's most advanced digital strategies, products and research to scale. Our focus is multifamily marketing and student housing with a client base spanning across 50 markets. Digible has big plans for expansion in 2019 for both our agency and SAAS platform. We are energetically pursuing top talent in the Denver area to grow our team and help craft the company’s future.

Digible, Inc. is seeking a Data Analyst to support data engineering, data science, and analytics.  The role will assist with API’s, data wrangling, exploratory & ad hoc analysis, modeling, and business intelligence data visualization. This role will play an integral part with Digible’s data initiatives/roadmap, and will report to the Chief Data Officer.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with API’s and ETL/ELT processes

  • Support best practices for the development of our data infrastructure including the Data Lake/Warehouse/Mart

  • Collect, clean and mine various data sets

  • Assist Data Scientist with testing and training various models to support ML features

  • Assist Data Engineer to deploy machine learning algorithms into production

  • Build and automate Business Intelligence / Data Visualization solutions

  • Perform exploratory analysis including descriptive statistics

  • Execute client marketing effectiveness and optimization analysis for both ad hoc and designed A/B & multi-variate testing


  • Bachelor Degree in Business Analytics, Mathematics, Statistics, Operation Research, Data Science or a related discipline or equivalent business experience in marketing analytics, machine learning and data science

  • 1+ years of Python and SQL experience

  • 1+ years of experience with analysis, data science, and predictive modeling

  • 1+ years of developing business intelligence solutions

  • Understanding of RDBMS, statistics, and machine learning

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Capable working with large data sets and drawing conclusions including presenting descriptive and prescriptive statistics

  • Understanding of data mining, machine learning, and statistical models including linear & logistic regression, Markov, PCA, clustering, decision trees, time series, and support vector machine.

  • Understanding of Data Visualization tools such as D3, Looker, Periscope, R Shiny, Scisense, Tableau, etc.

  • Able to demonstrate advanced computer and analytical skills with a knack for uncovering patterns and actionable insights out of data

  • Familiar with the following RDBMS and cloud storage & computing, and ML engineering tools:

    • PostgreSQL and MS SQL

    • S3, Snowflake, and/or Redshift, Google BigQuery, Hive

  • Kanban or Scrum experience

  • Familiarity with CI/CD and experience with Github

  • Willingness to work hands on to clean, organize, and analyze various types of structured and unstructured data

  • Strong curiosity, loves to learn, creative thinker and desire to design build and automate

  • Solid business acumen with the ability to frame a problem statement, hypothesis, and deliver insights valuable to the business

  • Ability to work well independently in a fast-paced environment

  • Comfortable in startup environment including wearing various hats


  • Competitive salary

  • Stock options in the form of equity

  • Full benefits

  • 401k match

  • Flexible work schedule with the ability to work remote 2 days/week

  • Weekly team lunches

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