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Case Study: Social Creative Testing for Apartments

When creating canvas ads, it was a constant debate, whether amenity or interior images were better suited for the target audience. On one hand, amenities are enticing to view. But on the other hand, floor plans are practical and useful information for those looking to sign a lease. In Q1 2019, we measured the performance of amenities/interior images versus floor plan images in the body of canvas ads. The purpose of the test is to best understand Facebook audience behavior & interests.

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3 Paid Social Tips for Multifamily

By the end of 2018, Facebook reached an all time high of 2.32 billion monthly active users – you read that right, billion. Chances are, your audience is on Facebook, and so are your competitors. From large businesses to small, it’s essential to be allocating marketing dollars towards this incredibly powerful platform. Read more about our 3 tips for Paid Social for Multifamily.

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