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The Marketing Funnel for Multifamily Explained

As a multifamily professional you’re probably already utilizing a marketing funnel (even if you don’t know it). We are sure you’re expected to fill empty units month after month on a shoestring budget. That’s why understanding and optimizing your marketing funnel can help stretch your marketing dollars significantly. We will be breaking down the key steps of the marketing funnel as it pertains to the multifamily industry. So, it's time to get strategic and increase your ROI while making you look like an MVP.

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SEO Best Practices for Apartment Marketing

With so many strategies, hacks, tips and so called experts around SEO, it’s easy to get confused and even overwhelmed. Every apartment marketing professional would love to be ranked on the first page of Google, but how do you get there? Unfortunately there’s no magic spell or recipe that pushes your site to #1. But you’re in luck, by strengthening your Local SEO efforts, and putting a full strategy into place, you will get discovered by your target audience online and fill those empty units in no time.

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3 Reasons to Switch to HTTPS by July 2018

Everybody and their mom are talking about security nowadays, and Google is taking it very seriously. With more people doing everything online, the concern is real. Think about it this way: wouldn’t you rather put your personal information on a site that is secure rather than a site that has a large “Non-Secure” badge across the top? Google strongly recommends making the switch, but why? We will explore three reasons.

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MTEC Review: A Hidden Gem

Conference season is in full swing for multifamily! As we prepare to head out to AIM next week, we are also looking back, yes all the way back to last month, when we attended MTEC in San Francisco, a multifamily technology conference. This was our first time attending MTEC and although this conference wasn’t on our radar until this year, we were pleasantly surprised and look forward to attending for years to come. Read more about our experience.

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Best Tips for Apartment Marketing in 2018

It seems like every week we see a new must-have in tech trending. You may be thinking, “how do I stay on top of marketing trends with so many advances in technology?” Not to worry, we will be breaking down the changing landscape of multifamily and apartment marketing and giving a forecast for what’s on the horizon.

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