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Digital Marketing

We specialize (aka- ‘crush it’) in multifamily apartments and local lead generation. We’re proficient (aka- “Rock Stars”) in Search Engine Marketing, local SEO, mobile marketing and paid social.


Search Engine Marketing

We pride ourselves on achieving maximum ROI for our clients based on hard leads and move-ins. We make it happen with a blend of your proverbial ‘test and learn’ and ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ philosophies. 

Local Apartment SEO 

SEO has long been considered the black hole for local marketing budgets. At Digible, we do our best to simplify and quantify your SEO strategy, so you know where and how your money is being spent each month.



Paid Social 

Our social strategy is engineered to complement or enhance direct response platforms (i.e. Search, ILS directories), but we’re equally equipped to develop independent campaigns when it makes sense. 

Mobile Marketing

We provide proven mobile strategies every day using the most sophisticated ad-technology on the market. It's hard to keep up with mobile these days, but we do make a huge effort to boil down and prioritize all the noise out there.



Custom Research

Whether we’re running onsite resident simulations, analyzing emotional tracking, measuring platform (ILS, Zillow, Craigslist, etc) yield or connecting 10,000+ local renter opinions, we're always pushing the envelope for our clients so they have the deepest, most relevant insights available at a cost they can afford. 


Apartment Renter Journey Mapping 

Ever wonder how a resident really found you? Digible uses a combination of online, offline and location data combined with resident simulations and surveys to determine the path-to-lease. 

Opinion Network Surveys 

At Digible, we think it's time to leverage social listening, text analytics, artificial intelligence and opinion networks. It’s time for a new methodology that strategically connects and galvanizes honest consumer feedback. It’s time for ‘Networked Surveys’. 


‘SimulSearch’ - Resident Simulations 

Digible watches and learns as your residents go apartment hunting. We measure the simulations with browser recordings, web cams and sophisticated facial tracking. We summarize the key findings, including search engine behavior, platform yield and velocity, click streams, site engagement levels and emotional sentiment.



Proprietary Technology

Digible LOVES technology. So much so that we decided to build our own. Introducing Fiona, your ultimate apartment marketing assistant. Designed to save today’s apartment marketer time and money, Fiona provides your team with hyper-local digital campaigns and budgets across all of your marketing platforms.


Fiona | Predictive Marketing Platform

Take Big Data, cross it with Local Apartment Intelligence, and write a ton of code. This is created Fiona, the ultimate marketing budget recommendation engine, specifically tailored for the property management industry. 

ClientLogue | Call Analytics

We firmly believe in the quality of the lead more than the number of leads. This is why we invented ‘ClientLogue’. This technology uses a blend of Siri style language recognition with a human final verification. 


EL90 | Expiring Lease Targeting

Stop wasting your dollars on targeting broad segments like “renters” and “high household income”. Start targeting renters whose leases are expiring over the next 90 days. Now, apartment marketers can narrow their ad spend and focus on the population who are most likely to be influenced.



The Digible Manifestus

We should start with a quick disclaimer—Manifestus is not a real word (just in case you were questioning yourself). We are rolling with it, though; because we feel that our company’s public declarations probably rest somewhere between a conventional Manifesto and your token ‘About Us’ page. Continue Reading…


Finally marketing professionals have a smart innovative tool that saves them time! As an experienced operator, providing solutions that solve present gaps in the industry is important to me. Digible has filled a big marketing gap that will impress companies through the platform’s efficiency and effectiveness.
— Elaine Williams | Founder of E. Williams Consulting Services


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Are your marketing efforts delivering real results? Do you have dozens or hundreds of listings to manage every single month? Set up a consultation with Digible, and we'll let you know how we can help you and your team. Through a unique mix of agency experience and proprietary technology, Digible is your partner every step of the way.